Brian Aitken – Partner
Brian spent 14 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he was Corporate Finance Director. He has completed over 50 transactions including acquisitions, disposals, buy-outs, fund raisings and IPOs. He advised the shareholders of LCH Generators on their £62m sale to Speedy Hire Plc before becoming a founding partner of Nevis in 2007. He leads the investment activities of Nevis Capital as well as working with the portfolio.

Brian is an Accelerator Panel Member at the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust where he supports emerging businesses in their early stages of growth. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a BA in Accountancy and Economics.



Ian Buchan – Partner

Ian joined Nevis in 2008 having previously worked for the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative in Malawi. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and spent five years advising businesses ranging from SMEs to PLCs.

Ian was promoted to Partner in 2015 and his primary role is the sourcing and executing of new investments. He also works closely with the portfolio and currently sits on the board of Dieselec Thistle Generators and James Ramsay.


John Pirrie – Partner
John started LCH Generators after a successful career in marine engine sales. As Managing Director he provided strong leadership and developed key customer relationships that endured. Highly customer focused and with a desire to create a top quality company John concentrated on the strategic development of the business. He was responsible for evolving the company infrastructure, IT systems, training, vehicle fleet and supplier relationships. He was also responsible for building the company’s headquarters and in acquiring and preparing depot premises throughout the UK. John is a decisive, self driven entrepreneur with strategic vision.

In 2004, he and James were finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards and in 2006, they were finalists in the Entrepreneurial Exchange’s annual awards.


James Pirrie – Partner
James is a Chartered Accountant and after completing his training worked for two years at Ernst & Young. However all his spare time was spent helping his brother John establish LCH Generators, until the company could support him as a full-time employee. He and John turned their hands to everything that needed done, from workshop to sales. As financial director his structuring of the company’s finances provided the funding which allowed it to achieve its phenomenal growth. He evolved financial controls and information systems that provided the tools required to control a successful nationwide multi-location business. By 2006 the company had 200 employees operating from Glasgow, Wigan, Coventry, London and Portsmouth. In May 2006 LCH Generators was sold to Speedy Hire PLC for £62 Million.

James is a strategic thinker and entrepreneur with ideas and vision. In 2004 he and John were finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards and in 2006 they were finalists in the Entrepreneurial Exchange’s annual awards.